Teacher’s Day Celebrations 2021 - 2022

The students of the Interact Club (Rotary) along with the students of Grade IX organized the Teacher’s Day Celebrations. Students from Grades IV to XII participated wholeheartedly in a plethora of events, expressing their heartfelt gratitude to their teachers. After a glimpse into a student’s nostalgic journey around the school, the program began with a welcome note given by Harini Sathyanarayanan, the President, ICE. This was followed by an informative documentary on the Evolution of Education in India. A spectacular art exhibition curated by the students of Grades IV to VI and a slogan writing presentation penned by the students of Grades VII & VIII followed the documentary.

A melodious musical tribute, a peppy instrumental medley and an energy packed dance performance presented by the ninth graders kept the audience riveted to the screen.

The senior secondary students, by way of exhibiting their adulation to teachers, graciously paid a poetic tribute to the teachers.

The Vote of Thanks proposed by Shripadh Rengasamy Rajesh of Grade IX proved to be a fitting finale to the glorious presentation of the students.