Student body elections and investiture, 2023

This year’s electoral journey kicked off in the end of June with the initiation of the nomination process, inviting all eager students to participate. Following this, candidates were carefully selected based on specific criteria. These shortlisted contenders then engaged in spirited campaigns and delivered persuasive speeches to the student body, articulating their qualifications for the coveted positions. Finally, on 20th August 2023, students from Grades 7 to 12 voted the School Pupil Leaders and Assistant School Pupil Leaders.

The Sports Captains were selected based on their previous achievements and the Leaders of the Interact Club of Ecstasy 2023-24 were appointed based on their academic performance and their ability to act for a social cause. The school held its investiture ceremony on 31.08.2023, marking a significant moment in our school's history as a new wave of student leaders stepped into their roles. The ceremony began with a palpable sense of pride and enthusiasm as students and teachers gathered on the school grounds.

The highlight of the event was the formal announcement and investiture of the new pupil leaders. With a solemn oath and the pinning of badges, these young individuals accepted their responsibilities with grace and determination. The positions of School Pupil Leaders, House Captains, and other crucial roles were revealed, signifying the school's trust in their ability to lead by example. The newly elected student council were encouraged to embody the values of integrity, compassion, and teamwork in their roles, fostering an environment where every student can thrive and grow.

The investiture ceremony not only celebrated the achievements of our outgoing leaders but also welcomed a new council of dedicated and motivated individuals ready to take the helm. As we look forward to their contributions, we are confident that these student leaders will continue to uphold our school's tradition of excellence and make us proud in the years to come.