Naval Ship Visit, 2023

An educational trip was organised to visit ‘INS Darshak ‘ at the Chennai Harbour on 29th November 2023 for the students of Grades 8 and 10

“The trip to witness the INS Darshak Naval ship in the harbour was insightful and engaging. All the naval officers were friendly and explained every single detail. As a student I felt immensely inspired and proud to have such dedicated and hardworking committed officers protecting my land.” - Abhinav Balachander, X ‘B’

“We saw the magnificent interior which included learning about how navigation maps are made and used. We were also educated about SONAR – Sound navigation and ranging as well as firearms. We learnt about anchoring techniques. The naval officers were very accommodative. They sacrifice their personal time for our nation. This was a splendid trip-one worth taking.” - Shravanti Narayan, X ‘A’

“We had an effective and enjoyable educational trip to the Chennai harbour where we learnt about the INS Bharatang. The naval officers and sailors presented an interesting demo on the types of the weapons and ammunitions kept in the Naval vessels. Many insights about the life at sea was shared with us. We had a hands-on experience to feel a gun. They educated us with various venues available in the field navy. We understood the hardships of their life and feel proud about their service rendered to the country.” - Arundhathi Mohan, X ‘C’

“It was exciting to know that the 22 year old INS Darshak was a war ship and could be converted into a hospital ship that had many wards and could hold 150 patients. The ship also had 7 floors in total. The officers aboard were very friendly. We were sad to leave but we were filled with amazing memories of this trip.” - Samyuktha and Manasvi, VIII ‘D’

“It was a very enriching and educational trip. Inspiring us throughout our trip, the navy officers kept us fresh, joshful and happy, and their uniforms were so clean and bright, we might have needed sunglasses. Who knew our modern minds, in this digital world, would go for a change to something like this?” - V. M. Tejashwini, VIII

“We learnt about the types of ships and learnt that INS Darshak was a hydrographic ship, which meant that the ship mapped the ocean. The trip proved to be very educational, providing insights on the INS Darshak, which had completed more than 200 missions. We also gained insights on the life of maritime officers who, as we gathered, are not allowed to contact their families during missions. This trip was very inspiring. Even the light drizzle could not dampen everyone’s excitement. We left the harbour tired but happy.” - Aadya Ghate, VIII ‘A’