They said it

I used to be very shy but after joining NPS, with the help of my teachers and friends, I gradually came out of my shell.

Harini Sathyanarayanan 7A

I have been studying in NPS Gopalapuram since 2008. In our school, we are given opportunities to express our talents – drawing, music, theatre, dance and other extra-curricular activities. We have an Arts and Science Expo every year where we are exposed to new topics and use working models. I am grateful forever to my school for whatever I could achieve thus far and the discipline inculcated in my life.

Mahathee A.P. 7A

I have been in NPS for what is soon to be four years. My experience here has been memorable. When I entered this school, I was very uncomfortable, but my teachers and friends encouraged me to open up and be myself.

One of my favourite hobbies is reading and the recently opened school library is a sanctuary for me. My ambition in life is to become a palaeontologist and I hope that with a lot of hard work and support from my teachers I can reach my goal.

Tejas 8A

NPS... These three letters shall resonate with me for the rest of my life. The school and its grounds has become a sort of a second home for me. The first experience of any student in a school is with their teachers and my case was no different. Support and encouragement ever since I can remember. They helped me up when I fell and pushed me into greater heights.

The school has also opened up many interesting avenues for my future. I used to want to pursue palaeontology but now I want to be a political analyst or lawyer. I wasn’t even aware of what a political analyst was before!

I think of NPS not just as National Public School but as the Never-ending Portal to Success.

Pranesh H. P 10A

As a student who has constantly moved from one school to another, I believe that NPS has a certain charm to it that not many other schools possess. NPS has become a second home to me. It provides an atmosphere of learning that encourages students of all ages to aspire and dream of reaching great heights.

Good teachers are the ones who can bring out the best in children. The teachers here are very open minded and are always interacting with the students instead of ordering them around. Whenever I have any difficulties, academically or socially, I can always count on my teachers to come to my rescue. They are the most loving and knowledgeable people I have come across.

Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning and that is exactly what happens here at National Public School. I not only enjoy studying subjects like English and Math, but I also started liking Biology and History which I used to think were boring before.

Samyuktaa 10B

As we disembark from the train that has carried us for 12 years and we approach the bleak uncertainty that is the future, we can but see a beacon of light; the hope that burns, the flame that rages through; our spirit ready to take on the world. I will be forever indebted to NPS for preparing me for the future, a mammoth undertaking for any human being. But due to the dedicated corps of teachers they do it year after year tirelessly and unfailingly. I have but one thing; it is that I will look back some time from now and state with pride ‘Once an NPSite, always an NPSite’. For you take a boy out of NPS, but never the NPS out of a boy.

Aswin Narayanan 12A

Each day in NPS is a learning experience. From a simple conversation with a teacher to making new friends, from playing football to seldom finding success in solving mathematical problems, each experience carries a lesson. And it is from learning through these experiences that we are being prepared to take on challenges.

Shreyas Harathi

NPS has nurtured my growth from a shy little kid to an open-minded woman with dreams and goals. I am truly thankful to have been given the opportunity to study in this wonderful school.

Malavika P 12A

I first became a part of the NPS family when I was Grade 1 in Bangalore. When we relocated to Chennai, I joined NPS Gopalapuram which was like coming home again. I could feel the warmth and sincerity every teacher and student in school. NPS is a home in itself, where each family member has deep regard for not only studying but also values.

Anusha A 10C

NPS ensures the holistic development of all the students with the support and expertise of a team of highly qualified, experienced and constantly trained faculty.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, said Confucius. He might have well added, “also choose a PLACE you love”. And that PLACE for me is NPS. I am now close to a decade old here. I have grown each day, both personally as well as professionally. The support that I have received here from the management and my colleagues has been phenomenal. Quality and creativity is truly welcomed, recognised and respected. I am indeed blessed that I am paid to do a job I love in the place I love.

We have an in-house training team for the purpose of training our faculty and this team is headed by none other than our Director Dr. Bindu Hari. Training programs cover a wide range of topics from behaviour management to effective classroom management and procedures.

There has never been a dull moment in NPS Gopalapuram. There has only been constant learning and immense growth. The support I have received from the Management and my colleagues has been phenomenal. I look forward to many more beautiful years in NPS.

Ms. Aparna Iyer

These 19 years of teaching at NPS has groomed me to a whole new level. My journey from a teacher to a coordinator infused a new set of responsibilities involving Teacher-Teacher; Teacher-parent; Teacher-Student relationship. It is never an easy task to sculpt, mould and build a successful individual. I took it as a challenge and a privilege to accept and excel in this endeavour.

As a teacher I have always yearned for success in every child. Children have always fascinated and kindled my imagination. They never cease to amaze me and in them I see a whole new world where I flourish, grow, and remain ever young. I still believe in the dictum “Teaching is a continuous learning process with no commas and full stops".

Mrs. J. Sujatha Margaret

The thirty and odd years that I have been in NPS Gopalapuram is a continuing magnificent success story in my life and teaching career. I had the privilege of getting a plethora of opportunities to organise programmes, groom multitudes of students in public speaking and dramatics, and now to head the Department of English.

The golden moments of my stay in this citadel of learning handling children transcending generation gap have always been heart-warming and pleasantly haunt my mind, even as I continue to enrich and enhance my professional skills to move ahead of the times. I have always tried, as an ideal teacher, to inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instil a love of learning in children.

I am sure that just as the name of NPS Gopalapuram, has been emblazoned in my heart, the glory of NPS will forever shine radiantly in the educational firmament of NPS. Thank you NPS Chennai, for all the precious moments I spent here in your precincts.

Mrs. Saguna Sudhindar,
H.O.D English Dept

With a humble beginning way back in 1978, my journey of teaching at NPS has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

An ideal teacher teaches from the heart, not from the book. Deep insight, innovative spirit, creative acumen, and efficiency have always been the hallmarks of our work culture. Besides core teaching, I had always donned the role of a helper, facilitator and guide to tap the whole gamut of learning potentials of a student.

Each year’s experience enriched and enabled me to better interact with the children and guide them effectively and efficiently. I also utilized the golden opportunity to nurture our cultural and traditional values and strove for the integrated personality development of children in all positive ways.

I thank the management of the school for the encouragement, support and opportunities given to me so far and more particularly a participatory role in leading and taking the institution forward to still greater heights.

Mrs. Jayanthi S,
Vice principal

Authentic learning is real-life learning. We provide students with a high-quality learning experience in a safe environment - providing them with opportunities to practice skills of enquiry, values analysis and problem-solving in everyday situations.

Mrs. Uma Premkumar

My relationship with NPS has had a very positive and long-lasting implication for my academic, social and personal development. NPS provides high quality academic instruction appropriate to the student’s level. NPS has a supportive teacher-student relationship which will help students’ attain higher levels of achievement.

Mrs. Devaki Priya N

I am very proud to be part of NPS faculty because it has provided me a conducive environment to develop emotionally and intellectually.

The school has given me a lot of scope for self-development. It has provided a platform to learn and apply effective teaching strategies to develop useful collaborative learning in the classroom. Our curriculum encourages the growth of all aspects of learning through appropriate activities.

Mrs. Hemalatha Michael

I have experienced many great moments in my teaching career spanning more than a decade. I have learnt so much about teaching and dealing with students; that every student is different and no two students react in the same way. If we meet them half way through and motivate them, we can go a long way towards a more effective classroom and learning experience.

NPS has given me the platform to grow as a teacher as well as a coordinator. I came into teaching with my own set of very specific goals about how I wanted to develop as a teacher but I am glad that I have far exceeded my expectations. It is a privilege to be part of such a close knit community as well as a dedicated, passionate and dynamic team of teachers.

Mrs. Saraswathi R R

NPS has nurtured me and has given me immense confidence to deal with different situations. Being among students has kept me young at heart. NPS has inspired me to be more patient, approachable to students, thus making them feel more secure. I thank this institution for instilling into me the basic qualities a teacher should have, especially in moulding the future citizens of our country.

Mrs. Jayasri Ravi