National Public School, Gopalapuram, was founded in 1970 by our Chairman Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna and Dean Dr. Santhamma Gopalkrishna. The school is located in the heart of the city in Gopalapuram.

NPS Gopalapuram has been granted the status of permanent affiliation by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The benchmark of its success has been its admirable record in academics as well as co-curricular programs including the personality development programme. Our students are confident, driven and well-spoken individuals who are ready to strive, to soar and achieve their dreams.

About the School

Discover the distinguished ethos of National Public School Chennai, an institution where education breaks boundaries and opens up a world of possibilities. Positioned at the intersection of heritage and progress, our school stands as a testament to comprehensive learning, cultivating an environment that imparts knowledge while empowering young minds to navigate the complexities of our evolving world.

With a legacy steeped in excellence, we uphold academic rigor, character development, and a resolute commitment to adapting to the ever-changing global landscape. Our accomplished educators guide students to explore their passions, challenge preconceptions, and emerge as catalysts for positive transformation.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and diverse array of curricular and extracurricular pursuits extend the realm of learning beyond traditional confines. National Public School Chennai celebrates individuality, embraces diversity, and fosters collaborative spirit, creating an atmosphere where students refine skills to communicate, collaborate, and lead with integrity.

Embarking on a journey to sculpt future leaders, National Public School Chennai is committed to redefining the landscape of education, unleashing the boundless potential within each student.