All our students, from Pre-Primary Years to Senior Year students, are involved in various green initiatives in and out of school.

We have a rolling cup for Swatch Bharat efforts in the school. Every month one class is awarded the Best Maintained Class and the cup is given to that class until the next month when another class wins the award.

We provide safe drinking water for all our students, staff and other employees.

Our students have developed a software for our student office-bearers election using the electronic voting system.

At NPS, we also take lot of initiatives for career guidance and counseling for our senior students. We have experts from various fields and industries coming to school to talk to our students about career options.

We also organize medical information workshops for our teachers to give them better awareness on health issues.

The Kuruvilla Jacob Initiative and Care Earth Trust organized a workshop for our teachers on “Redefining the urban environment of Chennai.” The objectives of this workshop were to educate teachers who in turn would educate their students. This included learning how to create awareness among children about disposal of solid and liquid waste, help children to devise projects on water resources in urban areas, understand Chennai’s hydrology in the wake of Chennai floods in December 2015, relate ecology and biodiversity and methods to create zero waste and edible gardens.

We at National Public School, Gopalapuram have raised our first ‘Green Flag’ on 18/11/16 for ‘Best out of waste’. Children from Grades 6 to 9 transformed used printed cartridges, CDs, plastic containers, tissue paper rolls into useful articles.

‘Hanging Bottle Green’:

Our second Green Flag was raised on 27/11/16 for hanging bottle green’’ Children transformed empty pet bottles into plant holders which has taken its place in our school corridor.

Waste Segregation:

The third project is the segregation of waste as paper waste and plastic waste by providing two dustbins for each class. Bins are placed throughout the school campus

We are aiming to make a successful journey in attaining ‘Green Status’ and educating children to create zero waste and edible gardens.