Science Expo - 2019-20

Our Science Expo ‘Rupa Rasa Ghandham’ by the students of Grade I to IX showcased the learners’ talents on creativity and innovation with a multitude of displays from Earth to space, concrete to abstract and technology connecting concepts to reality. Three subjects- Mathematics, Science and Computer Science came together to create an inspiring display of exhibits.

Integrated displays with varied hands-on experiments, working models, charts, posters and mobiles were the highlights of the expo. A video on activities conducted in class, the making of the Expo was streamed in all the classrooms and was much appreciated by the parents.

The objective of the expo was to empower lifelong learning, multi-dimensional skills and to inculcate scientific attitude, inquiring minds and research-oriented learning. The concepts were presented with confidence and fervour. It was an unparalleled experience stimulating analytical and critical thinking.