Republic Day Celebration, 2022

The 73rd Republic Day was celebrated on 25th Jan 2021 with pomp and splendor. Students and Teachers put in their heart and soul to make this event colorful and reflective.

The program began with a welcome speech by our Bulbul girl. Our Principal unfurled the National Flag, which is always a moment to cherish. The melodious patriotic song that followed heightened the spirit of the audience and ignited passion towards our country. Our Guest of Honor -Captain Satyendra Sangwan invoked patriotism in everyone in his address. His experiences, discipline and determination surely stirred the young minds of NPS. The programme that followed showcased winners of various competitions like Fancy dress, “Best out of waste”, Doodle, Elocution and Poetry writing.

The skit by the senior school students gave us a chance to honour the pillars of our democratic society and was the backdrop of the events that followed. The architects of our constitution had a blessing from Lady Justice and were gifted to come and experience the progress of our country in person. The regional dance that was part of the skit saw the beautiful integration of cultural heritage in India across North, South, East and West. The auspicious event came to a positive end with a thank you note from our Scout boy. The National Anthem was then aired bringing the programme to its end.