Mahakavi Bharathiar Vizha

Mahakavi Bharathiar Vizha was celebrated on 13th December at 8:30 a.m. with great Pomp and show highlighting the greatness of Bharathiar. The programme commenced with some rare and unique facts about the renowned poet. A scintillating dance performance was presented by the students for one of the renowned Bharathiar’s song followed by a recitation on Bharathi’s verses in a captivating style. Grade 3 students disguised themselves as renowned freedom fighters and shared their lifetime experiences with the poet. The graceful dance of the students brought the multi facets of Bharathi to Limelight. The celebration was a feast to ears and eyes and thought provoking. The show was presented twice in two batches for all the students across grades 3 to 9. The Tamizh literary club “Vanavil Tamizh Manram” was inaugurated by the Senior Principal and Prinicipal to foster and embrace the language. The celebration came to an end with an awe-inspiring speech highlighting the pride of Tamizh language by Smt. Jayanthi Sampath. Students expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the torch bearers of the institution for having granted permission to coordinate and showcase the festival with utmost grandeur.