Madras Week, 2023

The National Public School celebrated Madras Week with immense enthusiasm from August 21 to August 24, 2023. This vibrant week-long celebration beautifully blended knowledge, culture, creativity, and entertainment. Here's a concise overview of the exciting events that graced this occasion.

Madras Quiz (August 21, 2023):
The festivities kicked off with an intellectually invigorating Madras Quiz, skillfully organized by the IWCCP. Students engaged in a friendly yet competitive showcase of their knowledge about the city's rich history, culture, and heritage.

Kolam Competition and Banner Making (August 22, 2023):
On the second day, students unleashed their artistic prowess through a captivating Kolam competition, crafting intricate traditional designs that resonate with Madras' essence. Simultaneously, a Banner Making competition, themed "Chennai is a city, Madras is an emotion," challenged participants to visually capture the city's emotional core.

Essay Writing Competition (August 23, 2023):
An Essay Writing Competition delved into the topic of "Madras Then vs. Chennai Now." Students took this opportunity to reflect on the city's transformation over the years, offering insights into its historical evolution alongside contemporary aspects.

Valedictory (August 24, 2023):
The grand culmination featured a mesmerizing music and dance showcase, paying tribute to Madras' rich artistic heritage. It was a momentous occasion as winners from all previous events were celebrated during the Prize Distribution ceremony, recognizing their remarkable contributions.

The celebration concluded on a note of gratitude with a heartfelt Vote of Thanks, extending appreciation to all participants, organizers, dedicated teachers, and the school faculty for making the Madras Week Celebration a resounding success.