KALAANUBHAVAM 2023 - A Spectacle of Cultural Brilliance

"KALAANUBHAVAM 2023", a vibrant cultural tapestry aimed to spotlight the extraordinary talents of NPSites of grades VI to XII in the realms of classical music and dance, was held on the 28th of November at the school auditorium. Students came forward to participate with great vigour and enthusiasm. The finalists were selected after an initial audition conducted before the event. Ms. Ananthalakshmi, a distinguished violinist from the Parur family and an alumnus of the school was invited to judge the music segment. The participants captivated the judge and the audience with evocative tunes, weaving a narrative that echoed the profound legacy of Indian classical music.

The dance segment, set the stage ablaze with Bharatanatyam performances that left the audience in awe. Ms Malini Sethuraman, yet another alumnus, who is an adept Barathanatyam dancer and a certified etiquette consultant, judged the dance segment along with Ms Mahalakshmi, an accomplished dancer.

In conclusion, KALAANUBHAVAM 2023 not only celebrated the cultural diversity inherent in the institution but also served as a beacon, nurturing artistic excellence and fostering a sense of collective celebration.