Childrens’ Day Celebrations 2022

Childrens’ day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by all students. Separate activities were planned for different grades.

Grades: 1 and 2
The students were engaged with a variety of activities like foot and handprint hop scotch followed by a goody bag activity where the students picked up chits and performed as per the given instructions. The students were also encouraged to showcase their talents. They had good memories to cherish.

Grades: 3 to 5
The students were engaged in a variety of activities like guess the word, dumb charade, goody bag, rock the floor, just a minute and face the challenge. The children had a great time and participated spiritedly.

Grades: 6 to 8
Events like guess it right and just a minute were held followed by a talent show where students exhibited a variety of skills like singing, mimicry, magic show, building a story line with puppets etc. The finals of the inter house quiz competition was conducted in the auditorium. The students had a great time motivating their respective house members. Students of Grades 6, 7 and 8 held an exhibition of their stem lab projects in the afternoon.

Grades: 9 to 12
The student council conducted a special program for the students of grades 9 to 12. A musical performance highlighting the value of friendship. This was followed by a video portraying the community outreach program by students of the Interact club at Sewalaya - Old Age Home was played.