Achievements & Accolades

2016 - 2017

Our students have indeed made us proud of the successes they have accomplished in every arena in various national and international forums. It has been an excellent year, and the students have been working very hard to ‘Reach Out, Reach High, and Reach Beyond’. There is a long list of key achievements in this year, and we highlight a few of them below:

  • R. ADVAY of Class X participated in the Google Science fair conducted by Google and won the 1st place. He had the honour of meeting the Google CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai.
  • SACHETH SATHYANARAYANAN, KSHITJ SHARMA, ANIRUDH, NIKHIL, KAVYA and REKHA VIDYA of Grade XI won the 3rd prize in the Quiz Competition conducted by the Chennai Mathematical Institution of Sciences.
  • PRANESH, SAMYUKTHA and VIDYUT BALAJI of Grade X participated in the Debate and Discussion held in the IIT Campus on the topic "Politics - Then and Now".
  • Grade IX and X students attended a symposium on "Organic Food in the School". The importance of organic food was highlighted through video shows and activities. Children also conducted a survey on the same.
  • ARNAV MENON and H.P. PRANESH of Grade X won the first place in Time Quiz city finals conducted by TIME Aquaregia Science Quiz and received a cash award of Rs. 2500/-
  • ADITHYA VISHWANATH, TRIGUN N and THANGA DHANUSH of Grade VIII , SRINATA ANAND of Grade VII and THARUNIKA V of Grade VI won the school Level Science Project Competition conducted by Agni’s Ignite Centre for Research and Development. They received a gift voucher of Rs. 5000/- each for the same.



  • K. SHRIMAN , R. UPENDRA and P. VIJAY SHREERAM of Grade IX have played many Fide Rated Chess tournaments at the State, National and International level. They have won many trophies and received cash awards for the same. C. SAI VISHWESH of Grade XI is also a chess champion who has been playing chess from the age of five. He won the 1st place in U-17 National championship held in Kolkata and was selected for the World/ Asian Tournament. He has also won the 5th place in 9th KIIT International Tournament, ODISHA.
  • SHRI KRISHNA of Grade XI won the first and the second place in Under-18 National Sub-Junior and under 21 National Junior Billiards and Snooker Championships. He also won the fifth place in Under-18 World Sub-Junior Snooker Championship.
  • PRANESH H.P of Grade X, SABESAN R , PAUL M and ABINAV of Grade IX and ANAND of Grade VIII are the young scrabble players who have won many Interschool Scrabble Tournaments.
  • HARSH TEJAA of Grade IX won 1st and 2nd position in Tressage conducted by Indian Tressage League and International Tress age League respectively.
  • SRIVINAY S and J. DHANUSH AUROBINDO of Grade X won the second prize in the Under 16 Football Tournament.
  • V. SHASHANK of Grade X won the ‘Man of the match’ award in the Under-16 Reddy Cricket Tournament.
  • S. PRASANNAH won the Best Bowler award in the same cricket Tournament.
  • U. HARINI of Grade XII won the second place in the 1st State Ranking Tournament conducted by Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. She emerged as the 6th player in the State Championship held in Trichy. In the Under-17 CBSE clusters conducted by PSBB School she emerged as Runner–up in singles and team events. She received a Silver medal for the same.
  • U. GOKUL of Grade XII emerged as the Quarter finalist in the 1st State -Ranking Tournament conducted by Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. He represented Tamil Nadu in the 1st National Zonal Ranking Tournament at Visakhapatnam.
  • SIDDHESH GOPAL of Grade VII won the 1st and 3rd places in the U-13 Doubles and Singles Badminton Championships.
  • U. KARTHIKEYAN and KAUSHIK of Grade VII won the 3rd place in 50 metre free-style (men) swimming competition.
  • SHRI KRISHNA of XI won the sub-junior billiards title in a state ranking tournament. He also won the junior billiards title by virtue of his points aggregate in the Indian Oil (TNBSA) Tamil Nadu State ranking billiards and snooker tournament.