Prayaag - Grades III To VI

The theme of the Presentation Day for Grades III to VI was ‘One World, One Dream’ in adherence to our school vision. The day began with a Jugalbandhi, a delightful fusion of popular Ragams. ‘The Foot Tappers’, a welcome dance infused with the vibrancy of Laya and Tala, a medley of dances ranging from classical to folk and western. This was followed by an English drama, ‘The Crocodile is Missing ’ which portrayed the love animals feel for one another. The play was followed by ‘Celebrating Diversity’, a mix of tribal, classical and folk dances of India. Next was a mesmerizing and thought provoking Mime performance ‘Making the world a better place ’, which was a fitting satire on the careless attitude of the younger generation’s addiction to video games, selfies and the idiot box.

‘The Five Elements’, a dance drama was beautifully depicted by our dynamic performers who portrayed the energy and vibration of Mother Nature, who holds the key to our lives. ‘Fusion Notes’, the musical choir was a fusion of beautiful songs. ‘Global Fashion’, the Fashion Show highlighted some of the most colourful and vibrant costumes from each of the continents.

Different cultures, different races but ‘One World, One Dream’, a dream of unity, peace, love and happiness. This was the beautiful thought sown by the children of grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 who brought the programme to a ‘Grand Finale’ with the Finale Dance. Our performers portrayed a medley of traditional dances from around the world highlighting the cultural roots as a gesture gesture of understanding and appreciation. The entire show was compered by students from Grade III to VI.