Jo Ha Kyu 2019-2020

The fourth edition of the inter-house drama festival JO HA KYU, was an adaptation from classics. The four plays were scripted and directed by the children of the respective houses Eminence, Brilliance, Radiance and Excellence. It was curated by Drama in Charge Mr. A. Krishnan. The Judges were Educationist Mrs. Anita George and Theatre artist Mrs. Dharma Raman.

Eminence house presented a quaint old comedy by Ben Johnson, the old master of satires. “The Alchemist” was a fine mix of comedy, histrionics and character study.

Brilliance house’s “Hamlet” came in next with its not so frightening Ghost, who was friendly and more importantly brought the house down with peals of laughter and the final twist was a bittersweet Horatia not Horatio.

Radiance presented a heady mix of mystery, adventure, comedy, dance and a trip around the world The Bollywood style dhamaka was none other than the evergreen “Around the World in 80 days”.

Excellence came up with the classic “Crime and Punishment” by the old Russian master Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. Red as blood it was filled with poverty, horror, guilt, redemption and punishment.

The winners were the adventure filled Radiance house play “Around the World in 80 days”. The runners up were “Hamlet”, which should have been titled Horatia instead, for its foxy twist.

The students were responsible for every aspect of the play including casting, rehearsals, costumes, makeup, choreography, lighting and sound.