Desi Utsav 2019-2020

Desi Utsav or Entrepreneurship Day for Grades VI to X was held on 13.03.20 [Friday] in our school premises.

The art and craft products done by the students of Grades VI to X were creatively displayed. The students outdid themselves in creating ‘Best out of waste’. The products ranged from bookmarks, crafts and jewellery using buttons, ice cream sticks and crystals, broken tile paintings, pencil toppers, recycled decorative mason jars, dreamcatchers, photo frames and key chains, to letter wraps made out of cardboard. The greeting cards made exclusively by our invaluable support staff were in hot demand. The parents and students of the entire school were invited to view and buy the products. Marketing skills and innovative explanations were beautifully demonstrated by the young entrepreneurs.

It was great fun and a real life experience for the students who enjoyed purchasing the products made by their friends.

‘Happy shopping for a good cause’ was beautifully showcased by the young NPSites and the entire day’s proceeds were donated to an old age home and orphanage.